Need to be a hero to your audience? Try This…

The Amazing Course-Creation Secret of A Desperate Nerd From Walnut Creek!

Dear Friend,

If you would like to make online courses and curriculum that attract your audience like a high-powered electromagnet…

Then this is going to be the most exciting message you will ever read.

Here is why…

My name is Joe DeMaria. I help people get the knowledge they have out of their head and into a course. These courses make a huge impact, and people are begging to get in.

It wasn’t always that way. In fact, my first online course was called “Introduction to Direct Mail” … sexy title, right?

I’ll share what earned me the right to create that course in a moment.


I already had a successful business and decided I wanted to leverage myself by building a course.

Every night after work, I stayed up late into the night toiling through the process. 

What I thought would take me a few months took almost 2 years. I sunk literally thousands of hours into creating my course.

And it didn’t just cost me time…

I spent over $85,000 along the way and I never even got to launch it.

All of my energy was channeled into building my course…

And… Long story short…

It bankrupted me.

I made every mistake in the book.

In the end, I had $2.86 to my name…

I was living on credit cards, and I bankrupted my business. After I swallowed my pride, my dad got a visit … I had my hat in hand…and begged for help making the rent.

It was sad.

Come to think of it… I wasn’t just broke. I was desperate.

It didn’t stay that way…

As I’m writing this, I’m on a plane to Toronto. It’s a measly 2,615mi from home as the crow flies. I’m going because I need to be on set for a client’s course video shoot.

How did I go from broke and desperate to being on this plane writing to you right now?

It’s not how you think…

I was in rough shape.

Wallowing in self-pity…. I was lying in the cloudy green water of the pool of my sad North Natomas apartment complex…

…and I heard Sean Stephenson on the I Love Marketing podcast.

Sean’s talk gave me a “crazy idea” that struck me like a bolt of lightning.

I launched myself flailing out of the pool and raced dripping wet into my dank little apartment.

I spent the next 4 hours rewriting my failed course.

I felt like a caveman

discovering fire

My “crazy idea” was a new way to create and teach online courses that actually inspired action in people.

In fact, anyone using this superpower could transform the lives of those it touched.

Not only that… it could also transform the wielder’s business, too.

My friends thought my new teaching system was another hair-brained B.S idea.

It was all a big joke to them — and they made sure I knew it.

They saw me as an all-time, back-to-back, record book loser with no “common sense” — and I was silly enough to keep them around.

My business partner at the time said I was a “nerd” and that my silly adventure in teaching was hard to watch.


My girlfriend at the time told me to stop talking about “crazy ideas” until they were actually making money.

She even told me to give it all up and get a job.


Well… I didn’t care.

My idea was solid.

There were a few people I knew that wanted to create courses (And had failed before) … I reached out to them.

I taught them my system for free as an experiment.

And guess what?

The course creation system worked!

It worked for anything you could want to teach…

  • From jiu-jitsu to running restaurants.
  • From closing sales to scaling a dental office.
  • From market research to meditation and peak performance.
  • From estate planning and end of life care to building wealth that lasts generations.

I tested my system over and over again. People started paying a hefty amount for my course creation secrets.

The bottom line…?

Before I finished the experiment, my test subjects…

Impacted Over 350,000 Students!

Think about it…More than three hundred-fifty-thousand people took courses created and taught by”ethical teachers” I had trained… as an experiment!

The funny thing is …

None of that mattered to me.

What mattered was that I had stumbled on magic that was undeniable and universal.

The magic didn’t come from the courses they sold (or even how they sold them) –it was how they taught them.

Do you have a course that you’ve been wanting to make?

If so, you can use my “crazy idea” to create a course or program of your own that will scale your business AND your impact on your audience.

Who Needs This Secret?

  • Are you an entrepreneur, coach, or peak performer who wants to be an “action leader” … not a thought leader?
  • Are you a public speaker tired of living life out of a suitcase who needs a simple way to “clone” themselves?
  • Do you have a message that isn’t reaching every person you have the moral obligation of delivering it to?
  • Are you a consultant? Do you want to transform the lives of people who can’t afford your 1-on-1 services?
  • Is your business getting commoditized by “race-to-the-bottom” price competition…? Are you ready to differentiate yourself?
  • Are you a marketer? Want a new creative way to communicate with your audience?
  • Are you a small business? Do you take pride in client relationships? Are you getting squeezed by big-box competition?
  • Have you tried to create a course before? Do you feel stuck, stagnant, or self-sabotaged?
  • Are you someone with a message for the world? Do you struggle to speak on stage or on camera?
  • Do you have a great idea for an online course, and no idea where to start?
  • Are you someone who wants to make an online course, and with no idea what you are doing when it comes to the technology you need?
  • Do you have the sweats, stammers, and shakes when the camera starts recording?
  • Is your information highly valuable? Do you need a framework to make iteven more simple for your students to understand?
  • Do you have dreams of impacting, changing, and transforming the lives ofthousands of people for the better?
  • Do you have a practice, consultancy, or agency? Would you like to see your business bursting at the seams with pre-qualified people dying to work with you?
  • Do you have anything you’d like to sell? Consulting services? Products? Yourself?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, a course could be the ideal next step to…

Expand your influence, impact even more people, and  grow your business even  faster than you are right now.


I earned the right to create “Introduction to Direct Mail” because I became a sought-after marketing consultant.

There was a problem.

You see, no matter what I did — I only had 24 hours in a day.

No matter how hard I worked, there was a built-in limit to how many people I could help.

Can you relate?

Besides… I believed then (as I do now) that trading your time for dollars is a horrible way to make a living.

I wanted more.

I searched and searched until I heard that I Love Marketing episode with Sean Stephenson.

That was the first experience I ever had with what I call DAT or “Dynamic Ascension Training”.

DAT uses the secrets of something else I developed called “Buyer Brain Blueprints” (which gives you the exact roadmap for what to put in your course).

And what DAT lets you do is create a customized curriculum that will attract the audience you want to be a hero to… like a moth to a porch light.

I want to share these and other strategies on your…

Free Course Curriculum

Strategy Session

Here’s how it works… 

We get on the phone for about 40 minutes.

I’ll ask you some questions about your business and your expertise.

Then I’ll tell you what it is we have going on over here.

After… you get to ask all the questions you want.

At the end… Just tell me if it makes sense.

Easy, right?

And it is, because… I designed these systems to be used by anyone.

One client using my “crazy curriculum idea”, for example, brought in..

More Than $1,200,000

A Month Teaching!

When they started they had to cram 7 guys into a sweaty 150sq/ft office to bring in a measly $5,000 a month in sales.

Within 8 months they moved into 6,000 square feet of office space and built their own video production studio.

They even had to hire dozens of new employees to handle the finances, support the students, and produce more courses.

And DAT and Buyer Brain Blueprints are not the only thing you’ll learn in your Free Course Curriculum Strategy Session…

That’s the first part of the roadmap that I will build for you in our short 40-minute conversation.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll walk away with at the end of your Course Curriculum Strategy Session:

  • The biggest mistake creators make when planning a course (and how to avoid it)
  • How to build your Buyer Brain Blueprint (and the crazy things you can do once you have it)
  • How to build “Masterclass” quality classes on any budget
  • The secret to being confident and comfortable on-camera… even if you are most scared of speaking than you are of dying.
  • What to do if you don’t have an audience… yet (And how to make that your advantage)
  • How to charge a premium for your product (And the best way to market it)
  • How to reach the perfect audience and know exactly what they want to buy
  • How to scale your business and become a pre-eminent teacher (Hint: this one concept goes beyond courses. It’s an entire business plan).
  • Exactly what to do to maximize your impact on any type of learner (and be an “action leader” rather than a run-of-the-mill “thought leader”)
  • The opportunity to “Ask Me Anything” about teaching, courses, marketing, and sales.
  • The exact system a former client used to scale from $5,000 a month to more than $1.2 million a month in sales in less than 2 years.
  • And more!

A lot more, in fact…

Here are a few other things that students have learned from this system…

  • How you can use this system to become a better communicator at home
  • How to leave a legacy that will last generations
  • How to be an ethical teacher so your students come back again and again
  • How to create raving fans who support everything you do
  • And more still!

Okay, listen…

We’re running out of time here.

My flight is about to land, and I’ve got to meet my clients for dinner.

Apply For Your Free Course

Curriculum Strategy Session Now

I’ve held sessions like this for entrepreneurs and corporations at the spine-tingling price of $10,000, and I am happy to guide you through the process for no charge!

“Joe DeMaria is one of the top guys in the world at course creation and curriculum building.” ~ Joe Polish, Founder of Genius Network and President of Piranha Marketing Inc

My friends tell me I’m crazy for making an offer like this.

My mom tells me I’m handsome… and the jury is out on that one.

What are you waiting for?

Listen — You are here now, you’re reading this letter, and you know the impact you could have by implementing a game plan like this.

Now (because of the deep dive, personalized nature of this offer), I can only work with a few clients at a time.

When the calendar fills up, this offer goes down.

P.S. The first 50 people to get approved for Course Curriculum Strategy Session will be entered to win our First Time Creators Tech Giveaway.

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