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Copy This 20 Minute Small Business Content Marketing Strategy

small business content marketing strategy

Give us 20 minutes and you’ll have a small business content marketing strategy that really works.

Sound good?

Great! Let’s start.

Embrace the Content

We’ve talked with tons of small business owners over the years.

The lack of support for online content is astounding.

Small business owners are rather resistant to something new. To a degree, it makes sense since they’ve spent a lot of time and energy refining their efforts. However, those efforts become dated and if they’re not replaced by something new then the business often degrades along with them.

Here’s what we wantAll small business owners to open their minds about blogging for business.

Investing just 20 minutes of your day or just $100 of your advertising budget for content creation is really all that’s needed to take a small business and prop it on the same level as some of the leaders in your market/industry.

What and Why of Content Marketing

Let’s start by understanding the “what” and “why” of small business content marketing:

The what: Content marketing is, simply, using online content to bring awareness to your business brand, drive leads, and be used as a vehicle for your marketing message.

The why: Online content is forever; this means that every dollar you spend on content creation will remain a marketing tool as long as it can be found (vs. paid advertising which is done once your budget runs out).

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For a small business, $100 is a small investment for what could potentially be their greatest marketing asset. $100, in the hands of the right business owner, could become a slew of powerful articles, an engaging video or two, or be fueling a great social marketing campaign.

Each of these investments fuels the content marketing arsenal which builds upon itself as the amount of content grows – it’s compound in nature.

The Content Ideas and Know-How Are Already There

Almost every small business owner we’ve talked to about content marketing tends to respond the same way:

“Yeah, but what do I do? I’m not good at writing!”

That’s just it, you don’t have to be a great writer to implement a content marketing strategy into your business. In fact, nearly every idea will come from your current knowledge of operating your business.

If you don’t have ideas then your employees (and customers) sure as hell do.

Consider your daily routine of operating your business.

  • Do you get questions from customers and spend 20 minutes answering them?
  • Do you and your employees have an intimate knowledge of your products and how to use them?
  • Do you have documentation (like product guides) that explains, to customers, how to operate your products?

Well, you have a ton of great, potential content.

The only difference is that much of that content is in the disguise of business operations. The only thing you need to do is liberate it aka publish it to the web.

Small Business Content Marketing in 20 Minutes a Day

Let’s get into the real reason why you’re reading this post: to create some awesome content that’s going to land your business some sales.

This is how you do content marketing for a small business, in 20 minutes a day …

Step 1: Identify your Expertise and FAQ’s

Gather everything you have — I mean everything:

  • Frequently asked questions
  • Email support threads
  • Notes from phone calls
  • Suggestions from associates

The idea is to create a giant database of potential ideas.

Most of these ideas are existing questions you receive almost daily. Except, you’re now answering FAQs with the intention of content marketing.

Not only are you providing great content around the topics people are telling you they want. But, you’re also creating a fantastic support/onboarding resource for your team since answers can help them understand your operations better. It’s a real win/win.

Step 2: Step into Video Production

Here’s what we would do to keep video production easy and cheap: Create screencasts.

You can get on camera later on when you’re comfortable. Pair a screencast tool with a slideshow or presentation app, do a voice-over, and you’re golden.

The best part of screencasting? You can create these in a few minutes, in one take, since you know the answer to these common questions.

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If you are comfortable being on camera then you’re in an even better position. Being on camera adds a nice layer of familiarity and branding to your videos. It gives people someone to relate to. You get to become that person in your industry that’s authentic and helpful — and this is powerful for establishing yourself and generating sales.

Step 3: Streamlining with Transcription

This will save you even more time when converting the video into written content: transcription services.

Do this:

  1. Go to Fiverr
  2. Look for transcription services
  3. Buy the gig
  4. Share the video as the source


You now have written content you could use as part of your sales strategy. This means your content is getting picked up in search engines while receiving plays on YouTube (and other video channels).

All of these are pointing to your sales pages.

If Fiverr isn’t your thing then you can also use automated services like Otter.ai. All you have to do is upload the audio file and it will automatically transcribe the content.

Step 4: Marketing your Business Content

Promotion is often more important than the actual content.

In fact, you should probably spend 80% of your time promoting content and 20% creating. Think of content as a product — don’t bail on it the moment it comes out for something new. Support it by getting it out there!

So, what’s next in the content marketing process? Here you go:

  1. Combine the video and written content as a blog post
  2. Rip the video, titles, and bullet points and turn it into a presentation
  3. Turn the video graphics into shareable gifs for social media
  4. Or, rework them into infographics
  5. Or, convert them into Pins for Pinterest
  6. Use the best snippets for social media shares
  7. Include these items in your business’s newsletter
  8. Or, send it out as part of an influencer campaign

The combo of the video and text gives you limitless opportunities to spread your brand’s message. Each marketing method should only take a few minutes if you’re using social media automation tools.

Step 5: Compounding Opportunities

We’re talking content upgrades.

This is taking the content and making it better.

It’s about using that as a flagship piece defining your brand. Or, even used for creating new revenue streams.

This could include:

  • Ebooks
  • Video Courses
  • Premium Newsletters
  • Memberships
  • White Label Offers

These take a while longer — we wouldn’t consider them part of the small business content marketing framework. Unless… you got into outsourcing in which you could pass this along, managing its creation in a few minutes each day.

Wrapping It Up

We really do think you could launch a small business content marketing strategy in 20-minutes a day if you streamline it. Especially if you’re basing the content around your frequently asked questions — questions you can answer without missing a beat.

Try it.

Write about 5 – 10 common questions, ask your team what questions they’re getting often, or just look at what people are talking about on socials. Answer these queries as if you’re talking to a customer. 

Were you able to do it? 

If so then repeat each day for 20 mins…

…do this and you’ll have a powerful content strategy that’ll drive traffic and sales.

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