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How to Overcome the Mental Blocks Preventing Your Sales Success

mental blocks in business

Deep-seated mental blocks are preventing your sales success.

These issues spark your end-of-year sales panic and it spills over into the rest of the year since it causes a constant state of disarray. It’s that nagging internal voice saying that you’re not good enough. Or, that you can’t do it… and so oblige. You give up.

How do you overcome the psychological barriers holding you back in sales and business?

Keep reading and prepare for transformation.

You’re Struggling With What You’re Worth

Underselling has a compounding effect on your mental state the longer you’re in business.

It makes you second guess your worth. It chips away at you.

It’s a seed of doubt.

After all, you presented what you think is fair but it was rejected. This is a tough blow to your ego and inevitably causes a “cashflow crunch” where you scramble to meet sales goals by the end of the year. In doing so, your principles break down and start to deviate.

You’re lost.

What do you do to reign it back in when you’re struggling with self-worth when it comes to sales performance? Consider these options:

  • Reassess what you’re hiring the thing to do and whether it’s aligning with the sales and business goals you truly want to achieve. Maybe the thing is attracting the wrong client type or perhaps it’s falling short because of your miscommunication. Whatever it may be, use this opportunity to reflect and tweak the offer to what it truly needs to be.
  • Start taking data-driven, calculated actions that aren’t based on gut reaction and simply “winging it” to get by. Create, define, or follow a simple system that you can replicate, lead after lead, so you can understand where the breakdown point is and which moments shine.
  • Learn to let go and find peace in that not every sales call will end with a new client. Every call is an opportunity to learn something new. Try not to take it (too) personally if someone rejects your offer. It’s business, after all, and there are too many variables at play to chalk it up to just them not liking you or your offer. 

Rejection in sales cuts a bit deeper because it often feels they’re not only rejecting our offers but who we are as a person. This rejection, combined with self-sabotage by way of undermining your own offer and principles, sticks with you and disrupts until it’s addressed.

Strive to never again undermine your worth. See its value and commit to reflecting this in everything you do in sales & marketing.

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You’re Just “Playing at Business”

The challenge of starting a business is virtually non-existent these days.

In fact, business applications have exponentially increased within the last year. The pandemic certainly had a huge impact on this shift. The ease of selling something online is a factor, too.


Many people are merely playing the part of being a business owner.

What we mean by “playing at business” is when you have some elements of business in place (a website, social media presence, offer, etc) but you lack longevity. You’ll tell others you run a business but really it’s just some side project that sometimes makes sales (or none at all).

There’s a secondary mental block to this “playing at business” thing, too…

…and that is that you may not feel deserving of one’s business.

Your lackluster sales abilities and skills have you thinking that your business doesn’t have a place in the market. That it’s not legit. But in truth, maybe you DO have everything needed to be successful… except for the sales part.

What can you do to overcome this? Consider:

  • Roleplaying sales calls to get out of your comfort zone. This lets you explore sales scripts and systems without the pressure of actually selling. It will let you pick up on all those nuances of sales interactions so you can refine your efforts and bring them to a real sales call.
  • Develop some form of accountability so that you’re not just talking concepts, ideas, and goals but actually putting things into action. Stop saying you’re “developing your business skills” by reading blogs and social media posts. Instead, apply strategies and run experiments — learn what works for your business by participating in it!
  • Have standards and ethics that guide your business decisions versus chasing after those shiny objects. Leverage this alignment to build confidence in the things you do so you can reach out to those most likely to want what you offer.

There’s a huge shift in mindset when your “business” is an entity. A thing with real services and products. A thing that’s on the books. A thing with a brand. A thing with employees. A thing that has a future even when you get out of its way.

You’re Feeling Helpless and Trapped

Building a successful business is a massive commitment.

It will consume a lot of your time, money, and energy.

There are some of you on the cusp of success. There are some of you firmly seated in running a business. And, there may be a few of you completely fresh to all this…

…and it can be a scary thing.

You can feel helpless at times.


Trapped and unable to take time away from business operations. Trapped in your own ways and unable to dedicate yourself to learning new things. Trapped in a sales cycle that doesn’t seem to be getting better — and your only option is to undermine and undercut your efforts.

What can you do to free yourself from these bonds? Consider:

  • Simplifying your sales by stripping away all the junk that overcomplicates the sales conversation. Dial back on being heavily reliant on complicated tools and systems. Bring it back to basics: having intimate one-on-one sales conversations that build real relationships and get people loving what you do.
  • Reassess your audience and see what they truly want. After all, your market and audience may have made a shift since you’ve last done the research. Maybe your message is lost because of this. Realigning with your audience could also rejuvenate your passion for what you’re offering — by adding that twinge of novelty to it all.
  • Stop being an imposter when it comes to what you do. Instead, become purpose-driven in everything you do. Help create transformations in people and you will be rewarded handsomely for it. See that your sales are merely the thing to get people to the thing that matters to them most.

And if you can’t correct your path introspectively? Reach out, connect with others, join a business community that motivates and supports you on this path to success.

You Are in the Sales Business

The saddest thing is that there are so many people out there willing to move mountains to get the transformation you provide… if you were only confident enough to sell it.

If you’re feeling stagnant and held back from realizing your sales success then perhaps it’s time to take the next step. It’s time to sprint to success.

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