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Sales Sprint Intensive 20213-Week Group Coaching Program

Limit: Ten Students

NEWSFLASH — It doesn’t matter what business you think you’re in… It doesn’t matter if you’re a personal trainer, a high-end coach, financial advisor, attorney, multi-million dollar serial entrepreneur, real estate agent, pool cleaner, or horse doctor…

You Are in the Sales Business.

And not only are you in the sales business, the better you are at sales in your business…

Which of the above appeals to you most?

Unfortunately, a lot of people believe selling is evil, and they associate a lot of negativity to salespeople and sales as a whole.

Imagine you selling… 

The fact is, with the proper approach, sales should feel more like a pleasant, normal, and fulfilling conversation between you (as a trusted advisor), and your prospect.

In this 3-week Sales Sprint Intensive Group Coaching Program, you will learn everything our 7, 8, or 9-figure clients learn… assembled into an action-packed sprint-paced group program.

In the end, you will have the clarity, confidence, and conviction to turn your end-of-year sales panic into a massive opportunity for your business… AND… feel the satisfaction of transforming even more lives.

… Even if you hate selling right now.

… Even if you’re scared of failure.

… Even if you’ve been struggling with sales for years.

… Even if you’ve tried everything else before and failed.

This is advanced subject matter typically reserved for our highest tier clients. It’s been condensed into a shorter impact-focused format.

Over the 3-week group program, you get the same sales strategies, tactics, and models our $125,000 private coaching clients use to power their 7, 8, and 9-figure businesses… and more. 

Here’s what you get when you enroll… 

The Teach To Scale team will provide additional feedback so you are never alone, and sure to get the best results possible.

By now, you must be wondering what your investment is…

We believe it’s more important to ask… 

“Am I The RIGHT Fit?”

Because of the nature of this Dream Group… We believe the quality of people you transform your business with is far more important than your financial investment.  

That’s why you do not see a big “BUY NOW” button or order form on this page.  

Every one of your peers in this upcoming beta cohort will be interviewed and pre-vetted before admission into the group. 

Why? To create the highest value for you.  

Plus, it sets you up for the greatest opportunity for success in the upcoming SPRINT.

The only way to get started is to schedule your Sales Sprint Interview Call.  

It’s a 40-minute call via zoom to learn more about you, your business goals, and why you think you’d be a great fit for the program.

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If you’re not quite ready to take action, you might be thinking…

“Why Should I Schedule Right Now?”

Besides the fact that the Sales Sprint Intensive starts soon… and there are a limited number of available spots (more on this in a moment)…

The success of your business relies as much on what you avoid doing as it does on what you do on a daily basis.

The saddest thing is that there are so many people out there willing to move mountains to get the transformation you provide… if you were only confident enough to sell it.

Even if what you learn and implement from this high-powered program gets you 10 extra sales in the next 5 years… 

When you add it all up, what you will earn from the strategy, skills, and tactics in the Sales Sprint Intensive Group Coaching Program will pay for your tuition many times over… 

PLUS… you get a dollar-for-dollar credit should you decide to enroll in the Catapult 6-week group cohort (in early 2022).

On top of all this…

Because of the intense personalized nature of Sales Sprint Intensive, there will be a limit of 10 students. That means… more time for your individual questions specific to your business.

If you are reading this page now, there is still space, please click this link now to schedule your Sales Sprint Interview Call now >>