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3 Smart Ways to Repurpose Old Content

Creating and repurposing old content

What happens when the rush of traffic to your post finally dies down? Not much.

It’s the same story – hit publish, get traffic, move on. 

Hold up!

Right now, you’re sitting on a mountain of great content – but it’s going to waste.

Roll up your sleeves because we’re going diggin’, we’re going to flip your old content into new streams of profit, traffic, and branding. Sounds good? Let’s get at it.

Why You Should Repurpose Old Content

Why should I spend time bothering on old content?“, You may be thinking…

Well, for the most part, you may create new content with your current readers in mind — but there are two problems (when it comes to creating profitable content):

  1. Many of your current readers will either eventually move on or fade out
  2. Many of your new readers will discover content that you created ages ago

Here’s why both of these are important to remember:

  1. People move onto new subjects as they age. A follower today may not be there in the near future because of any number of elements: they’ve changed their hobbies, lifestyle, interests, location and more. People naturally lose interest or excel beyond what you have to offer.
  2. Your older content will be sitting out there on the web, waiting to be discovered by search engine users. Your voice from months ago is completely different than how you sound today. If someone were to discover your first post, right now, will they receive the same impression as if they landed on your latest?

You’ve done all of the hard work by creating the content – taking a few hours to slog through your old content results in a major benefit: You can build upon your past success.

Approach #1: Capitalize on Affiliate and Promotional Opportunities

The first time you create a new piece of content, you may be a bit reluctant to include sales call-outs or promotions in fear that you may scare away your current community. After all, blatantly promoting products may irk people and is the bedrock of why you take the route of omitting promos

This decision to be non-promotional ultimately caps your ability to earn an online income.

What should you do?

Two things:

A. Go back in and update the content so it’s fresh (this is big for SEO, while also being important for helping your brand stay relevant)

B. Add in those promotional items such as an affiliate link, banner to a new product launch, or whatever else that’s in your sales pipeline


This simple action gives you the opportunity to create an additional revenue stream without alienating your current community since they’re very unlikely to dig back through archived content from ages ago.

Approach #2: Create an Entirely New Campaign

Offering an eBook can be a great way to build up your brand.

However, writing one is quite an endeavor…

…what about reusing your old stuff instead?

There are many, many more opportunities to flip your content into entirely new campaigns for branding, traffic, and income. Again, going back through your best work and adding value to it will let you properly assess whether your existing content can be repurposed into a new campaign.

To get the best of both words

Take your most popular post and turn it into an eBook.

From there, record a few videos that highlight each of the sections; blast them onto video sharing sites. Create a landing page offering your new freebie; then break down your post into individual articles (which you rewrite) to use in article marketing or guest posts.


After creating an amazing piece of content, you’re done with the hard work. All that’s need to be done now is to turn it into a package and spend a few hours to set up a new domain, email autoresponder, and boom, you’ve got another list which you can turn into profit (or drive them to your blog which they may not have originally known).

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Approach #3: Create a New Blog or Website

Why stop at just creating a new list or optimizing a post with promos, why not go all the way by creating an entirely new blog related to a topic you love?

This is the line of thinking the best bloggers (and media moguls) have.

If you already have a wealth of knowledge in a particular niche topic then starting a separate blog could be a new way to earn an online income without doing heavy amounts of research into a niche you may not know much about. This effort could lay the foundation for what eventually becomes a business.

To get the best of both worlds

Look through your blog and take special note of the categories you use; it’s possible that you could use that existing knowledge to launch a new blog. Additionally, you could repurpose your existing content for items in newsletters and free reports (as mentioned before) along with interlinking the two blogs to trade traffic.


Instead of overloading your blog in one particular category (which many of us do); you’ll be able to take content that may not currently fit your flagship blog and use it on your new domain. A new domain means a new platform to experiment with affiliate marketing, advertising, traffic techniques, and your own product launches!

This strategy is really spot-on when building one-page websites!

Most Importantly: Have Fun!

So, now you’ve learned a few ways you can take your existing content and flip it into new profit streams but let’s not forget that having fun is the most important goal of it all.

The last thing you want to do is to be overloaded with new projects so take your time if you’re thinking about tackling any of these approaches.

Always remember this: You’ve done all the hard work.

It’s time to take your content and truly maximize it for what’s possible.

Good luck. Have fun. Share this post.

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