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Quite the Quarantine Quandry

Quite the Quarantine Quandry

Listen up, because I’m about to reveal to you the biggest opportunity in recent history to take your business to the next level.

I know, I know… You might have heard that it’s the “end of days”. 

The stock market is doing a “triple lindy” from it’s record-high diving board into an empty swimming pool, and people around the nation are hoarding toilet paper in case it becomes our new currency.

Look, I won’t lie to you and say this is the best time in our history to run around outside licking hand rails.

What I will say is that the reports of our economic death are greatly exaggerated.

In a moment, I am going to reveal something very cool to you that — should you use it — can be a massive force multiplier in your business DURING this strange period.

Here is what I mean… times like these are when Warren Buffett and JP Morgan make, multiply, and solidify their fortunes.

Buffett says “Be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful”.

How can we incorporate a “lil’ bit o’ Buffett” into our game plan as business owners and creators?

Before I tell you — a little context…

I’ve received no less than a dozen phone calls and texts in the past 24 hours from past, present, and (here’s hoping) future private clients and students asking this question…

Last Friday’s Office Hours call (If you aren’t coming to these sessions you don’t deserve toilet paper, frankly) was dedicated almost entirely to this question…

And just yesterday, I spent an hour chatting with one of my group coaching students, Mike Salemi, just to answer this question ahead of his upcoming product launch…

The question on everyone’s minds:

“How will this market affect online courses and launches?”

In short, it may be the biggest opportunity in the last 5 years.

Let’s go back to Warren Buffet for our answer here.

When the market is tanking it’s not just your prospective buyers that might be a little spooked.

That’s right, your competitors are retreating.

When someone retreats, it becomes your opportunity to take that space. 

Buffett does this with the market by investing when others are retreating. 

Other wise investors did this with real estate after the ’08 recession.

So… what is the opportunity?

Internet Real Estate…

Right now, your competitors are cutting their advertising budgets across the board. 

Here’s the opportunity:

People around the world are beginning to receive these shelter-in-place notifications. That means they are home.

They have internet and they are bored to tears.

You now have a captive audience. They are spending their days “working” from home.

I can guarantee Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter will all see usage spikes during this time.

And… remember. Your competitors have been wielding the machete and slashing at costs like Jason Voorhees at Camp Crystal Lake.


That means… cheaper, lower competition real estate on Facebook and Instagram ads…

Your buyers are at home. They are online. They are bored.

They are going to be crying out for something to DO to break up the monotony.

Why shouldn’t that be your program?

If you don’t have a program, this is a wonderful time to build your list.

You can get in front of this captive audience for a fraction of the cost, and win their business right now.

Like Warren Buffett, you have the opportunity right now to be greedy when others are fearful. 

Take the space in the market that your competitors are ceding to you. 

If you know that you can make a transformative change in your audiences’ lives with what you do, then you have a moral obligation to let them know you exist.

If you’re not sure how you can do it… that’s okay. 

How are you supposed to think clearly when you’re being subjected to such doom and gloom?

You need to think quick before the opportunity is gone. 

Even then… how do you know if your plan is any good?

That’s why I decided I will help you come up with a plan… for no charge. 

Here’s how it works… 

Click Here to schedule a time with me >>

Then, Fill out the application.  

If I think I can help you, we’ll keep your call on the calendar… and after our call, you will have a plan to work this emergency to your advantage.

Click Here and Schedule your call now >>


PS:  I know what you’re thinking… ‘how much is it?’  

Well, I’m not going to charge you for the plan.  The reason I’m doing this is to help the right few people through all this. 

After our call… one of two things will happen…

1.  You love the plan and want to implement it on your own.  If that’s what you decide, I’ll wish you well, and ask you to let me know how it works.  

2.  You love the plan and ask me to help you implement it.  That’s how battle this crisis together.  

In either case… you don’t have to pay for the plan.  

So, click here and fill out your application now >>

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