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Joe DeMaria

Marketing Automation

Jon Marino

Content Writer

Yashi Carrington

Joe’s Story

Joe DeMaria started his career at 9 years old, running an illicit back-alley soda and candy cartel at his elementary school in Willow Glen, California. Within 2 weeks, he had employed 3 other hard-nosed, dirty-faced 9 year old lieutenants — paying them 25 cents per unit sold. The Sugar Rush Syndicate was brought to an abrupt end when DeMaria’s childhood best friend and wartime consigliere was caught selling an A&W Rootbeer on tape by one of the school’s CCTV cameras.He was brought to justice just 5 weeks into the school year, netting an impressive $937.75. He refused to return the money.Today, he teaches coaches, consultants, and peak performers how to scale their businesses and maximize impact on their audiences through his company Teach To Scale.

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