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An Unconventional Guide to Kickin’ Ass in 2022

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Wherever you are in your goals there’s one thing you NEED to do this moment to guarantee that 2022 becomes your BREAKOUT YEAR.

Phase 1: Optimize Everything!

It’s important to look back at 2021 and reflect on everything you had accomplished.

For many (maybe you) it was the year you got started with your business. Others may have found that 2021 was the year they broke free from the rat race. Some may have scaled their operations tenfold!

Either way, you probably worked on a TON of projects – some completed; others on the backburner – there’s one thing you need to do: optimize the hell out of them!

I know that you want to go ahead and jump right into all of your new projects this year but let’s step back for a second and take a look at two monumental questions you must ask yourself:

  1. Are your existing projects performing as well as they could be?
  2. Are there any existing projects which could be taken to the next level?

Even though you may have completed a couple of projects, it may mean that you’re leaving money on the table (figuratively and literally). Your existing projects are out there, right now, doing well but if you take the time to go back through and optimize them, you’ll have the whole year to gain their benefits.

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How so? Here are three quick ways to optimize your existing projects:

  1. Perform an 80/20 analysis – Load up your stats tracking program and see which pieces of content within your online projects are performing the best. Build backlinks to your content, tweak the title so it does well in SERPs, integrate affiliate links or simply interlink a few of your more recent posts.
  2. Learn from your work – Dig through your content to see what questions and answers you managed to muster up or answer. Jot down any of those questions so it can later be turned into new pieces of content. Take your answers and create a database so you can easily link back to each piece in recent posts.
  3. Run split tests – A/B testing can do wonders for increasing conversions, affiliate sales, opt-in’s and other user interactions. Consider signing up to a site heatmap or tracking to view what visitors do on your site; after doing a test,create pages to accommodate some of the ‘hiccups’ people had when they first landed on the site.

But optimizing your older content alone isn’t enough; you should take it to the next level!

Here are 3 ways to get the most out of your existing projects and take them even further than before:

  1. Build and email list – Use a pillar post and turn it into a freebie. From there, snag an autoresponder subscription and begin building an email list so you can begin creating a list. Otherwise, explore email marketing strategies that fit your niche/industry, or just wing it (since something is better than nothing, right?)
  2. Create new media – Using the existing analysis of your content, take your best posts and turn them into other forms of multimedia such as video or audio. You could start a whole new series of video posts or launch a podcast just by reading off your best posts.
  3. Create a product – Don’t just stop at creating videos or podcasts for your older posts – turn that extra work into an entire product! Create a package out of your work by converting your posts into an eBook, recording video and adding an audio guide – this creates major value which people are willing to pay for.

As you can see, you don’t have to go rushing into new projects just yet because there’s a lot of things you can do to your existing projects to earn additional online revenue, build your brand, drive traffic and add value to your projects.

Phase 2: Remove the Clutter

This section may not be for everyone but I do think that it’s important for your overall well-being and should help with getting things done. What’s the score? Minimalism.

Minimalism doesn’t have to mean throwing out all of your stuff; getting into yoga or talking about digital mysticism. Minimalism can simply mean removing the clutter from your life (both in the mind and in the physical) and breaking it all down into only the essentials.

You have project addiction. Admit it.

Every new idea that pops into that head of yours, you write it down and jump right into learning how to launch your newfound project – STOP! Don’t add another project which you know will never be completed; you need to focus on what’s working and then thrash the hell out of it!

There are a few things that I’d suggest for removing the clutter in your life:

  1. Stop going to blogs, social networks or websites which no longer add value in your life
  2. Discover your best set of abilities, write them down and align your goals to them
  3. Remove the physical distractions which no longer have meaning in your life – it’s just stuff
  4. Stop worrying so much about the numbers; just focus on creating something awesome
  5. Find one or two projects you wish to complete and set dedicated months to work on them

We’re so frequently bombarded with new ideas; we fail to act.

Every day, we see something amazing which we too would like to replicate – DON’T. What you rarely see in the lead-up to the final result – you don’t realize that it may have taken YEARS of hard work to deliver a single piece of content. If you jump from project to project on a whim, you’ll never become the expert; you’ll never be able to produce the amazing piece of content you’re hooked on at this time.

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Phase 3: Work from the Top-Down

I want to introduce something new to you: the “Top-Down” mindset.

In reality, the top-down mindset is really no different than what you’re trying to achieve now, it’s just the order in which you do them. What am I talking about? Well, instead of taking the bottom-up approach to project creation (create content, package, and then sell), start with the top and then work your way down.

It’s common to see bloggers and business owners trying to build up to a product but what if you went from the product and made your way down? Here’s what happens:

  1. Create a product from the beginning – Complete the final product first. It could be an eBook, video course or membership site – whatever. Pour all of your resources into creating the final product even before you launch a new website or campaign.
  2. Break up your product – Go through your product (eBook, video series, etc) and break it up into individual content which will ultimately lead people into the final product.
  3. Create your campaign – Further break down your product into bite-sized segments which you can use to drive traffic to your main content. At this level, you’ll be creating simple pieces of content for link building, email marketing and guest posting.
  4. Create your foundation – After all is said and done, then create your foundation which can be a blog, website or some kind of landing page.

Why is the ‘top-down’ approach different?

You’re likely to work your way from the ground up; slowly building up content, community, and branding until you ultimately have enough value which you can package into a product. This does allow you to more readily sell your product in the long run because of the existing community but you may take years to get to that point.

Starting from the get-go with a product allows you to easily plan out how you deliver your content, where you’ll be directing visitors, how you plan to promote your brand, and which direction you’ll need to take to ultimately create sales.

To the point: If you create your product from the very beginning, you’re not going to push off the creation of it because of lame excuses. You’ll only be able to work on the fundamental items after you’ve done the heavy lifting.

Stop what you’re doing at this moment and take a look at that laundry list of projects you have written down. Ask yourself whether you can create the end product with your current knowledge – if you say yes, do it!

Phase 4: Network like Crazy!

Up until this point, you’ve been working on your own personal projects and self but to truly turn 2022 into a breakout year, you’ll need to step beyond your comfort zone and begin networking with everyone you possibly can.

Great content does not build a better online presence and opportunity.

What does build a great business? Your connections.

It’s not like it used to be. You can’t just write great content & blast out messages to social media and expect people to flock to it and immediately accept you as the authority within your niche. No matter how much effort you placed into your content and campaigns, all of it will only go so far without the help of others.

What you rarely hear about are the cross-promotion and joint ventures most online professionals will conduct to build a digital empire.

How do you get noticed online? Through these networking activities:

  1. Email people – Don’t believe that people don’t read their email; it’s all in the delivery. If you admire someone and would love to work with them – shoot them an email with your intentions along with why you think it would be beneficial to both parties.
  2. Get on the phone – You know how many times I’ve talked to other web workers over the phone? I’ve lost count. Even with all the technology that we have to network online, phone calls can still be the deciding factor on whether people will work with you.
  3. Meet up virtually – Skype can do wonders. You can only go so far with tweets and online messages. When you talk to people through video and voice, you’re making a powerful connection with will leave a lasting impression in the other individual.
  4. Have a face-to-face – Don’t be afraid to meet up with others in the offline world. It’s really not as scary as you’d imagine (although do always stay safe). Go out and have a beer with someone; meet up at a conference or local workshop – do something that puts you directly in front of the other individual!

For every true connection, you make online, you’ll be building an extension within your network. People you truly become friends with online (the ones you actually care for, not just talk to) are the same people that will readily share your work, defend you when attacked, refer you to new opportunities, and help you when you’re in a pickle.

But don’t let your networking be a one-sided affair. 

Take a chunk of your day to help people – just for the hell of it. Real friends help one another regardless of their situation; create that same atmosphere and you’ll cement your relationship with the individual which can lead to many great opportunities and ultimately turn 2022 into your breakout year.

Final Thoughts & Action Steps

I could give you a million ways to scale your business, build traffic to your blog, optimize your list, steps required to create great content, and so much more but the thing you must work on day in and day out is your character.

Don’t ever edit yourself. Don’t ever apologize for what you truly believe in. Create something that you’d be proud of. Produce something which creates a digital legacy. Don’t create shit.

Always. Always. Always be excellent.

I know this is a completely crazy thing to say when wrapping up an otherwise serious post but let’s cut the crap, the pseudo-mysticism, the personal development noise and get to the basics:

Be an awesome individual in everything you do.

This is the year that you’ll do it. This is the year where you create your own breakout success. It’s going to take a ton of work but if you stick with it, you’ll get there. But we can’t do it alone.

Let everyone else know, right now, how you plan to create your own breakout year in 2022. How you plan to kick ass. Set it in stone.

Share your wildest goals for this year and don’t be afraid to say them. Let people judge you. Let people hold you accountable for your choice. This is your life.

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