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How to Build Confidence in Sales

confidence in sales

Learning how to build confidence in sales is as valuable as learning sales strategies. After all, what good are strategies if their execution has you in shambles?

Confidence helps you sell. Period.

What can you do to increase sales confidence?

Stay put…

In this roundup, you’ll learn a few strategies to be confident in who you are when it comes to selling your products or services.

5 Ways to Increase Confidence in Sales

Like anything you learn — practice makes perfect.

You won’t become some hot-shot sales expert overnight. It’s about making micro-adjustments that help you feel at ease with your sales message and how it’s presented. It’s holistic in the sense that you own up to what you do and be the authority in your space.

Here are a few confidence tips and methods to help with your sales efforts:

1. Start Your Day With Positive Affirmations

A 2015 study confirmed self-affirmation theory stating:

“Self-affirmations can restore self-competence by allowing individuals to reflect on sources of self-worth, such as core values.”

In the same way that you approach overcoming imposter syndrome, telling yourself you’re worth it and good enough has positive effects on your self-image and confidence.

So, try this:

  • Take a minute to reflect and affirm that you’re a good person
  • Leave notes or place images around that lift your spirits
  • Self-talk and hype up the great things you do

Find what works for you if you’re feeling a bought of low confidence. A simple shift in your mindset and a few positive affirmations could rejuvenate your sales efforts and have you back on track winning more clients!

2. Surround Yourself with Smart, Successful People

Surrounding yourself with smart, successful people has two positive outcomes:

  1. You’re bound to learn something new and valuable
  2. You’ll feel uplifted by the confidence of those who succeed

Positivity and confidence are contagious when you’re around people driven to succeed. 

You’ll also find that many of these individuals are genuinely happy and healthy which may also have an impact on your lifestyle. Best yet, this network you build is one you can tap into if you’re feeling off or need guidance.

This is also one of the big elements of our weekly Office Hours

It’s why we take a moment to do a moment of gratitude. It lets people share accomplishments but also discover others they could reach out to and build a network with. 

3. Fake It Until You Make It (To Some Degree)

No, not in the sense of becoming a shell of a human being.

When we say “fake it until you make it” we mean it in the sense of mirroring and bonding.

Mirroring someone you look up to or who you’d like to be can help you understand the nuances of their success. From body language to lifestyle, mirroring offers a mental shift that you can use to build your own approach to things like sales calls, lead nurturing, meetings, and more.

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Mirroring also helps with building stronger bonds with the person you’re interacting with. You begin to reflect their personality — making you more likable and relatable.

Use the whole “fake it until you make it” as a stepping stone in building confidence in sales.

Overcome challenges by mirroring those you look up to. Then, find your own groove and approach once you’re comfortable.

4. Work With a Coach

Sales coaching offers a fast-track for sales confidence.

Not only do you receive tried and true strategies but you also gain the one-on-one (or group) environment that encourages your best performance. The coaching sessions, roleplaying, and resources elevate your abilities and with it your confidence to perform.

Effective sales coaching creates long-term success.

This is achieved through self-motivation, feedback, and responsibility. A coach facilitates the education and environment that fosters this positivity. It also introduces a methodology that you can turn to when feeling lost, low, or out of touch with your outbound sales efforts.

5. Learn to Communicate

Much of what we try to convey with prospects gets lost in translation. We’re often too “in our own world” when it comes to what we do.

  • We use industry jargon
  • We assume we know best
  • We aren’t always aligned

Improving your communication skills will equally boost your sales skills and confidence. You will have a strong command of the language your prospects use. You’ll also have the systems, strategies, and best practices that have worked time and time again.

Start by listening more.

Hear what your sales prospects have to say. What really drove them to seek your offer. Then, tune in to their body language and mannerisms. See how they act and react to the message.

Slow down, too.

Use your words wisely and let them do most of the speaking.

Finally, practice your sales script and tactics in the mirror, with peers, and then prospects. Fine-tune your message and tone. Overcome the fight or flight response you have when talking with people, making eye contact, and carrying on a conversation.

A well-spoken salesperson is one that is sure to have confidence in sales.

Commit to Learning How to Build Confidence in Sales

Learning how to build confidence in sales doesn’t end here.

With the right confidence-building solutions and resources, you’re bound to achieve anything you set out to do. You’ll go headfirst into the challenge and come out a champ!

There are a ton of great resources — from books and videos to coaching and more — that can help you achieve sales goals. We welcome you to connect with our team, too, and explore our sales coaching and resources.

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