* Live Trainings Every Monday

Let’s get you into the Discord

The following steps will help you create a Discord account, and then join the TeachToScale Discord community.

If you already have a Discord account, click here >>

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Step 1: Navigate to the Welcome Page

Click here to visit the welcome page >>

Step 2: Create Your Username

Fill in the Username field.

You can change it later, so don’t worry about getting it just right. Like anything in business, maintain forward progress

Step 3: Confirm you’re human

Complete the Captcha to continue.

Step 4: Enter your birthday

Verify your age by filling in the date of birth.

Step 5: Claim Your Account and Join the Party!

You made it this far! Secure your account with email and password to join the Party!

Step 6: House Rules

Like any house party, there are house rules in the #house-rules channel.

It’s easy.

After you read all the fine print (which is the same size as the regular print), click button at the bottom to unlock access to the community.

Step 7: You’re In! Head to The Lounge

Locate the channels on the sidebar.

You’ll see categories like The Lounge, The Office, and the Media Room.

Your first stop should be the #chat channel in The Lounge to announce you’re in!

Wanna talk shop?  Head over to the Biz-Chat in The Office. 

The Media Room is where you can talk all thing’s music, movies, video games, and more. There’s also the Backrooms area which, for now, is dedicated to hobbies and general interests (more will be added in due time!)

Get the App

Discord has a desktop and mobile app.

You can find them at: