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We’re throwing a virtual housewarming party and we want you to come.

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From Office Hours to Happy Hours

We realized we’re not the type to be on Facebook. We’re not really into Twitter. And, you’re not going to see us making TikTok vids.

What we do enjoy is Discord.

Discord is interactive, fun, and engaging.

It’s like taking the best parts of chat rooms, adding a touch of forums, some aspects of lives streaming, and then mashing it all together to create a platform.

Come hang out, have fun, discuss whatever’s on your mind whether you’ve got something cool to share or just want to vent.

We’re building an awesome community of business-minded individuals, and we can’t wait to see you there!

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Build & Scale Together

Start exploring our programs, professional network, and a community of business professionals committed to making a real impact!

Tune In

Discord is also where you’ll likely find some of our media projects such as the Toy Problems Podcast and workshop events.

Discord has a really cool voice feature. It also lets us do video and screen sharing. So, we’re going to be taking full advantage of these features when hanging out!

We also welcome all of you to hop into a voice channel and chit-chat with other members!

The Toy Problems Podcast

Come Hang Out, It’ll Be Fun!