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Coaches, Consultants, and Service Providers around the world stand on the rooftops and shout…


How To Pull The Right Lever In Your Business To Get Even More Predictable, Sustainable, And Profitable 

“Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world. ”


If you are a Coach, Consultant, or Service Provider, this could be the most important letter you ever read.

I know it sounds like hype… Hear me out.

It doesn’t matter what business you think you’re in… I don’t care if you’re a personal trainer, a high-end coach, financial advisor, attorney, multi-million dollar serial entrepreneur, real estate agent, pool cleaner or horse doctor… 

You Are in the Leverage Business.

You see…

Everything you do in your business either gives you more leverage… or less leverage.

For example, when business owners slash their prices to compete, they’re enthusiastically joining the “race to the bottom”.

They’re dragging themselves (and competitors) down, down, down to slimmer margins…and… In some cases bankruptcy.

It’s short-sighted…. Though they might not recognize it at the moment, they are asking themselves the wrong questions.

I’ll ask you… is it giving them more leverage? Or less leverage?

From the outside, the answer is obvious.

They’re robbing themselves of the success they could have. They’re sabotaging their profitability… They’re creating instability.

To make matters worse, it’s getting more and more difficult to capture the attention of your market. Organic social media reach is diminishing, and ad prices continue to climb.

On the other hand…

As a wise business owner, your aim is to develop and create a truly Predictable, Sustainable, and Profitable business….

You Need to Play the Long Game.

You believe in your business.

You may struggle to charge what you are worth… Even though the transformation you facilitate for your clients is life changing…

Once you’ve found a way to charge what you’re worth with confidence, you need to find a way to scale.

Think about this…

Imagine if you don’t need a fancy funnel, a big following, or an expensive sales process to do it.

Then… picture … your clients gladly paying your fees because of who you are… AND… you have a long waiting list of people who want to work with you.


Then think about… What impact will it have on those closest to you?

You can have as much or as little of it as you want….It’s all there for you… when you do it right.

At our highest level, Teach To Scale helps business owners, consultants, and service providers develop and create a Predictable, Sustainable, and Profitable business for the long haul.

After Working With 8 and 9-FigureBusinesses in 75 Industries… Here’s a BIG Secret About Successful Businesses.

Some of the businesses you admire the most usually spend years wondering how to squeak out the extra 5% in their business.

An extra 5%?!

What’s worse… while they’re so focused on these “5% Growth Opportunities”… they miss the big picture.

Here are a few things charlatans and con-men have convinced them to try.

The hard truth is…

Most of them don’t even know their business CAN grow more than a few percentage points in the first place.

That’s Where They Are Flat WRONG!

The process is simple… Here’s what we do:

  1. Validate the idea by doing market research (In other words, we find out what the target market REALLY wants, not what they SAY they want!).
  2. Rebuild the offer structure using the HALO Profit Model (More about this in a moment).
  3. Create product or service LINES throughout the business, and become 4 TIMES more likely to make a sale.
  4. Implement time tested and proven market strategies for marketing and selling the program.
  5. Consult with their sales and marketing leaders to make sure things are done to our standards (Hell, we have even rebuilt and trained their sales teams).

So what?  What does this mean?

One of our recent clients had never made more than $105,000 in a single month. Just THREE short -months after we got started, he did $283,010… And they did…

$104,100 In Sales By Day 13!

Sure beats 5% growth, doesn’t it?

You can search for 50 levers to pull for a few extra % points of growth… 

Or, you can pull THE RIGHT LEVER… and create massive leverage in your business.

It’s the Archimedes Lever… powerful enough to catapult your business.  

For this kind of transformation, you probably understand the price is…

“Somewhere Between ‘Ouch!’ and ‘Boing!'”

That’s how my dad puts it, anyway.

In the past only our most premium clients learned our Predictable, Sustainable, and Profitable business methods and models.  And they’ve paid as much as $125,000 to get them.

That’s out of reach for most people.

As Teach To Scale grows, so does our ability to help, and impact even more businesses.

And… that’s a big responsibility. We know it’s a responsibility most Coaches, “Thought Leaders”, and Fake Authorities don’t take seriously. 

Teaching has always been a big part of what we do.  At our core, we are a teaching company.

Over the past few years, we have made training entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes part of our value system and company mission.

That’s why… for a selected few smaller businesses… I’d like to introduce… 

Catapult: Your Predictable, Sustainable, and Profitable Business

It’s everything you’d find if you were one of our 8 or 9-figure clients, assembled into an easy to follow 6-week group coaching program. 

In the end, you will have the clarity, confidence, and conviction to “race to the top”… AND… feel the satisfaction of transforming even more lives.

Before you read any further…

Warning: Catapult Is NOT for Everyone

This is an advanced subject matter reserved for our highest tier clients. *Advanced does not mean you need to have a multi-million dollar business… it means you’re ready to drive massive results in your business.

It also means… Your odds of success with this “Once In A Lifetime” Program are directly related to YOU and how you implement the program.

I’m sure you understand we can’t accept everyone.

Catapult is NOT for you if…

I’m sure you’d agree these are reasonable requirements.

And… I’m going to ask you to save your investment.

Use it for something else… I’m afraid we can’t work with you.

On The Other Hand…

This dream program is ideal for you if… 

If that sounds like you, then by now you must be wondering…

“What’s ‘Inside’ Catapult Group Coaching?”

I’m so glad you asked.

Over the 6-week group program, you get…


Your 6 Week Catapult Plan

WEEK 0: Kickoff and Success Week

WEEK 1: “Build The Vision” | Set Your Strategic Intent

WEEK 2: “Get More Confidence” | Business Models (What’s Working Today)

WEEK 3: “Earn More Trust” | Build Authority In Your Space

WEEK 4: “Get Paid More” | High End Offer Structures

WEEK 5: “Get More Appointments” | Generate Qualified Leads and Sales Calls

WEEK 6: “Close More Deals” | How to Sell Without Selling Your Soul


When you put in the hard work and implement what you learn, your business is guaranteed to TRANSFORM.

… Even when you aren’t sure your idea is business worthy.… Even when you’re scared of failure.… Even when you’ve been struggling to grow the business for years.… Even when you’ve tried everything else before and failed.

I know Catapult can work for you.

Yes!  You get everything we teach to our 8 and 9- figure clients… We’re going to slow it down so you don’t feel overloaded, and actually have the time to implement the strategies, tactics, and models.  

You’ll also be able to have the Teach To Scale team looking over your shoulder  to ensure you get the best results possible.

By now you must be wondering what your investment is.  In this case, it’s more important to ask…

“Are You The RIGHT Fit?”

Because of the nature of this Dream Group… We believe the quality of people you transform your business with is far more important than your financial investment.  

That’s why you do not see a big “BUY NOW” button or order form on this page. 

Every one of your peers in this upcoming cohort will be interviewed and pre-vetted before admission into the group. 

Why? To create the highest value for you.  

Plus, it sets you up for the greatest opportunity for success in the Catapult Group Coaching Program.

The only way to get started is to schedule your Catapult Call.  

It’s a 40-minute call via zoom to learn more about you, your business goals, and why you think you’d be a great fit for the program.

“Why Should I Schedule Right Now?”

Catapult starts on January 20, 2022.  

Because of the intense personalized nature of a program like this, we are keeping the cohort limited.  

To ensure there is still space, click this link now to schedule Catapult Call now >>

Oh!  I almost forgot…

When you are one of the first few people to schedule, there just might be an extra incentive waiting for you during your call.