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3 Quick and Easy Ways to Make a Sale

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Your business doesn’t run on promises and best intentions.

You need to make sales.

And, sometimes you need to make them fast.

There are a few ways to go about making a quick sale. They’re pretty easy to do, too, given you stick with the three strategies we’ve outlined in this article.

Let’s get to it.

Hold a Contest or Promotion

Nothing starts sales quite like a promotion or contest.

In the short term, a promotion can help bring awareness to your business, driving up sales if you choose the right product or service to promote. Likewise, a contest for people to win items from your business creates a resistance-free entry to become acquainted with your business.

It’s what we like to describe as a “quick win” with gaining permission to promote your stuff.


Make sure you capture the details of everyone that enters your promotions and contests. 

The details you capture during a contest can later be given to your marketing department to begin a campaign. These individuals are already aware of your business – so you can cut straight to it and get into the pitch.

In the long term, when you give away items to customers and prospects it compels them to tell others about their experience. This leads to new sales in the future. Holding a popular contest will stick in people’s minds. You don’t want to do it so often that people just show up for freebies – but a contest or promo here and there can certainly add some fun, excitement, and a touch of brand awareness to your sales efforts!

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Touch Base With Your Best Customers

Every small business has a mix of bad, good, and best customers. 

The bad customers are the ones that always eat up your time. They’re the ones that are eating away at your profits, and really just sucking the energy out of you each day.

You need to ditch those customers. Fire ‘em.

On the other hand…

Your best customers are the ones that have been loyal and continually place orders with your business. Since these customers already love your business it’s much easier to keep them around in the long term.


Get in touch with them and see how they’ve been.

One thing will lead to another and you’ll likely find yourself talking about the cool stuff you’ve been up to. This will give you the perfect opportunity to pitch the thing you’re working on. Or, just generally get the person back into the fold with what you’ve got going on.

They’ve already said they love what you do – they’ve bought from you, after all.

Sometimes all you need to do is pop back in, say hi, and they’ll place an order. 

Promote Your Best Products

Using the 80/20 rule of business which states that 80% of your profits come from 20% of your products.


  1. Stop spending money trying to market items that aren’t selling
  2. Pump more money into the products that do sell
  3. Profit

You’d be surprised at how often businesses are apprehensive about putting their best sellers out there. It’s almost like they’re sabotaging themselves because they don’t want to be “overly promotional”.

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  • Make sure you’ve got your best products on the home page – front and center
  • Have your flagship product be one of the key talking points when chatting with prospects
  • Promote the hell out of your popular offers whatever chance you have when doing outbound stuff

Here’s another thing:

Take out money you’d be spending on your underperforming products and diverge these funds to a new marketing campaign to push your best products. Start a new campaign marketing with Google Adwords, buy some radio time, create a commercial, or bootstrap it by placing signs around your business.

Build more awareness of the best things you do versus stretching thin on a lot of mediocrity.

Keep It Simple

We know you’ve got a great product or service…

…you wouldn’t be reading this post if you didn’t.

Honestly, who needs a conclusion when the whole point of this post is taking action? 

Get to it, and apply these quick and easy ways to make a sale.

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