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Demolish Your Writer’s Block: 6 Ways to Get Inspired for Content Creation

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Coming up with content can be difficult – especially when you’ve got deadlines and aim to keep a consistent schedule. Eventually, even to the best of us, writer’s block sets in and shuts down our creativity.

Keeping an open mind and absorbing the surroundings are just the beginning to overcoming writer’s block; it’s also a great way to materialize content for a blog. This article will explore different ways to generate ideas for content.

Keep an Open Mind

First and foremost – always keep an open mind. 

An open mind will allow you to be susceptible to new ideas. You’re not “tuning out” the world nor the people in it. It’s this openness that can help you feel inspired and creatively charged.

Here’s something to try:

Turn a unique experience into a blog post.

Not only does this offer a great topic for content but it’ll also give the content a human touch. It’s storytelling. It’s something people won’t soon forget especially if it’s interesting!

Absorb and Amplify Your Surroundings

The place where you create content can greatly affect your mood and motivation. It can also influence what you’re writing about.

Think about what kind of content you create when sitting in a home office.

Now, think about the content you’d create if sitting outside, taking in the fresh air and nice sights.

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When feeling low on creativity, get out of the house and explore the surroundings which will help unlock ideas for new content. Feel inspired by the world around you and transform those feelings into words/text/whatever.

Listen (and Share) What People Have to Say

People are constantly talking about the latest products, services, problems, fun times, and more. 

Try to take what people are currently talking about and turn it into content that incorporates these discussions.

You can go deeper than that, too, you know…

People will reveal a lot of things when they feel comfortable. It’s in these moments that we truly begin to see what’s behind the mask. They’ll share their triumphs, their losses, their happiness, sadness, and everything in between. It’s this emotion that lets us craft better, engaging content. It adds context. A touch of humanity.

Hop on Social and See What’s Happening

Much like listening to what people have to say, you can also find content and inspiration from what others are leaving behind on social media. 

If a post goes viral but doesn’t cover a topic in detail then it can become a new piece of content that others will enjoy.

If there’s a trend you’re noticing then maybe you can get on board with it, too.

If there’s a general sentiment around a thing then taking an alternative take on it can be a nice change.

There’s a lot to get from social when you’re tuned in. You don’t need to be active all day on it either, especially if you’re trying to get marketing done. Dip in for 5-10 minutes and see what your community is chattering about, then take that and use it to fuel your creativity for content.

Use Real-World Experiences

Many blogs can come across as dry because every post is tutorial-related or written in a very technical manner. 

To put it bluntly… most blogs are a dime a dozen. This is especially true when it comes to business blogging.

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Don’t be afraid of sharing things. Or, what’s happening at the business. Or, just whatever that isn’t just business, business, business all day. There’s a human behind both screens – there’s plenty to talk about when you’re open.

You probably have a wealth of great stories to tell!

Do a Bit of Live Journaling

One of the easiest ways to feel inspired (and reinforce the positive things you’re doing) is by blogging about the thing you’re currently learning!

It sort of becomes a journal… but in a professional sense.

You’re not only sharing helpful information but also personal insights. Your audience gets to come along for the journey and get a lot of value from it.

This could splinter off a million different directions depending on what you’re learning, and your interests. Roll with it and see what you enjoy creating content around it’s in tandem with what you’re doing!

Getting Out of Your Creative Rut

In all, coming up with new content really depends on imagination.

Of course… there are ways to spark that imagination if you’re feeling writer’s block and in a creative rut.

See which of the things covered in this post helps you. Then, experiment with your own methods. You’re bound to find something new that’ll get those creative juices flowing. Then we’re really talkin’! You’ll be creating tons of great content that are going to do wonders for getting your business found + generating sales.

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