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How to Use Clubhouse to Grow Your Brand and Business

A person using the Clubhouse app

I’m sure you’ve heard of Clubhouse, the groundbreaking new app that provides an unprecedented opportunity to bump into movers and shakers in your field. People you might never have had access to before.

There’s a lot of buzz around the social app and platform….creating your own club, hosting rooms, and getting on those “big” stages.

You might’ve jumped on the bandwagon early. And now, you’re wondering: how can you use the Clubhouse app to build your business?

To be honest, most people will narrowly focus on their following and vanity metrics. 

Maybe you noticed those people who are fighting to get “on stage” and hold onto the mic for as long as possible. They’re even tripping over one another to answer questions. It can be a mess!

But, you can take a different approach and use Clubhouse strategically, while not spending your entire day on the platform (You likely don’t have the time to do that anyway, while you’re managing other aspects of your business…) 

Personally, I’m not interested in becoming an influencer. I built a following on Clubhouse simply by adding value. I’ve also created incredible business partnerships. And, you can too.

You don’t have to go down the path of fixating on your following…and spinning your wheels. View the Clubhouse social media app as a platform for building business partnerships and use it to your advantage.

Here are some tips on how to do that.

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Focus on Partnerships and Relationships

Remember, it’s much more beneficial to meet partners then go after the audience. 

Connect with people who provide complementary services to your business. Like I always say, stay connected to hubs and not spokes. These individuals might already have an audience who needs your services as well.

Align with people who have similar interests and values. Don’t just chase the folks who have large followings. People you never would’ve hung out with in person. 

When connecting with people, ask yourself the following: 

  • Are they passionate about similar topics that are relevant for your business? 
  • Do they offer complementary services? 
  • Are they who would pour their wisdom and insight into your business, as you would do for them?

That’s where the magic is. 

It’s not about large stages, it’s about strong relationships…

Trust me, you’ll gain a lot more traction this way, rather than trying to build your following.

Add Value in Smaller Rooms First!

Some people are focused on joining or starting the large rooms first. 

But, I recommend you join the smaller Clubhouse rooms with 30-40 people, where people want to know who you are.

For example, there are many intimate rooms that are open later in the evening. This is an opportune time for you to connect with people on a deeper level, to make valuable business connections, and maybe bump into someone who you admire or follow.

If you focus on adding value in small rooms, you will develop a following. You could also be recognized as a thought leader in your field and draw people to you. 

Allow your following to develop organically.

If you don’t think you have any value to offer, then ask good questions. Most people on stage are giving the same advice, bad advice even. Ask something challenging, or ask for clarification. This is a clever way to get people to know what you do….And for people to remember you.

There are rooms hosted on so many different topics. You will find a room where you feel confident and comfortable bringing forth your expertise. Start there.

a phone displaying the clubhouse social app

Learn How Clubhouse Works and Be Consistent

Let’s be clear…it makes no sense trying to host a room with 500 people if you don’t know how to run the room, and if you’re not a skilled moderator. That would be quite chaotic. 


Embrace a 15-person room your first time. Learn the features, how to moderate, how to host and then expand.

There’s nothing wrong with hosting a room that doesn’t blow up. Stay consistent and show up enough to get a feel for the land. You’ll become a better speaker, moderator and clarify the value you’re trying to add to conversations. Once you do this consistently, you’ll learn how to use Clubhouse to your advantage in a way that works within your schedule and for your business.

You just have to continue to show up, hone in on your message and let people hear your voice in these rooms.

So, don’t be overwhelmed by the noise of Clubhouse. 

Take it slowly, start small and be strategic. See it as another tool for your business, for networking and for developing partnerships that can catapult your business to the next level.

Amplify Your Voice (and Brand) with Clubhouse

Clubhouse isn’t rocket science. It’s more of an art than anything else, and it can be fun too…

Once you’re intentional about adding value and building partnerships, then your business will grow authentically…faster than you can say “Welcome to the club!”

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