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3 Business “Quick Wins” You Can Gain This Afternoon

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Sometimes opportunity is right under your nose.

You just need a little nudge to realize it.

There are a million little things that can captivate your attention in the day-to-day of running a business. More often than not, you’ll try to take on too much. You overcomplicate things.

Today, we’re sharing a few things that are easy. What we’d consider “quick wins” in business.

Little actions that have big rewards – things you can do this very afternoon.

Build an Email List (Seriously, Do This)

It’s as true today as it was a decade ago…

…the money is in the list.

There are dozens of email marketing tools from Mailchimp and Drip to Constant Contact and more, and they’re all affordable, too. Set up takes about 30 minutes to an hour, and you can use their great, built-in templates.

With a list you can:

  • Keep your audience up to date with the latest happenings
  • Promote products, content, events, and more

Most importantly, you keep the list so you can keep reaching people even if there are dips in search traffic or social activity. You’re no longer beholden to Google, Facebook, and the like.

Once you’re set up it’s pretty simple.

Outside of the basic introduction email, you can get people started with an email-based course or deliver some freebie. You’ll then want to schedule a few emails to keep users engaged, and then do the occasional email “blast” when something great needs to be shared.

It’s your list. Do with it as you please.

(Just don’t spam)

Start Repurposing and Redistributing Content

You should be spending the majority of your time promoting content.


That means you’re not writing every day for the business blog. You’re not making a YouTube video on Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays. You’re not crafting up daily newsletters. Etc.


You should take your best work and splinter it off. 

Repurpose it.

Redistribute it.

There are a lot of ways to go about this but the easiest pipeline would be turning blog posts into emails newsletters and social media snippets. Take the best parts of bigger pieces and make them bite-sized morsels of insights. 

You’ll not only get to reach more of your audience this way but you’ll also save a ton of your time and resources. Another win? You can focus on big pieces. Quality over quantity.

Add Call-to-Actions (Everywhere)

You need to be upfront with what you want people to do…

Contact us.

Request a quote.

Schedule a consultation.

Your website’s purpose is to drive leads. If you follow our suggestion and make its purpose about getting people onto a call then you need to make sure it’s conveying that message.

Do this:

  1. Answer the question, “what do I want people to do?”
  2. Brainstorm several variations of your call-to-action
  3. Get feedback about each from peers and your audience
  4. Apply the CTAs throughout the site (sidebars, posts, footer, pop-ins, etc)

The CTAs don’t need to be text-based only, either. Try different things such as buttons, images, quotes, embedded videos, chatbots, and anything else you can explore creatively.

Better yet…

Start sending those individuals to a landing page so it funnels those reaching your contact details and/or calendar. Use this to pre-qualify those reaching you so the leads are hot. You also gain the benefit of building that list mentioned prior – a double win!

Enjoy the Low Hanging Fruit

There’s a concept called the “low hanging fruit” in business. A more simplified label is “quick wins”. It’s the same in that they are opportunities that require little investment but have ample rewards. 

We’ve shared three in this article, but there are many more out there. 

For now, let’s put these into action.

Get the win.

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