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How Arresting Your “Technolust” Helps You Succeed in Business

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Have you ever seen a business or heard an idea from someone so obviously dense and goofy that you were left utterly stunned? You know… you see a website that looks like garbage or a product that obviously looks lackluster to the point that you can’t help but wonder if they’re serious…

…then feel the sting that they have an extensive client list? That realization that they’re making sales.

It often seems like disorganized, aloof people seem to have a knack for creating successful businesses which beg the question: why don’t you have one?

The Dummy in Charge

There are a lot of dummies in the world of business.

Here’s something that amazes me: 

A good majority of online business owners know nearly nothing about Internet technology.

Ask the average business owner what search engine optimization is and they’ll be left scratching their head. Ask them about how to build a site and they’ll shrug. Hell, they may be confused about checking their email! Meanwhile, you’re doing laps around the competition online but you’re still making a pittance from your efforts.

What is the major difference here?

It seems that people that are completely oblivious to technology seem to land some of the most successful businesses.

Personally, I could bore you for hours about business owners I’ve talked to that immediately had me laughing at their lack of knowledge of the net yet I would be blown away by their profit margins.

This isn’t meant to be condescending but it seems that, at times, it literally pays to be ignorant. It’s especially true if that ignorance helps you stay focused because you’re not paralyzed by information overload.

The Key: Leverage

Throw away all of your stupid knowledge of setting up a blog, SEO, Internet culture, memes, content creation, tech tools, online resources, and all that – what have you’ve got for your online business? Nothing, really.

You see, every business needs to start with a great idea but more importantly – it needs the leverage to get the product (or service) to market.

And that’s the key difference here…

While you’re fiddling away trying to optimize the living hell out of your site and online presence, that business owner you called dumb is filing their LLC. They’re out there making connections with local business owners. They’re finalizing documents that will get their product to market. They’re wheelin’ and dealin’.

They’re not hampered by technology.

In fact, technology is an afterthought for most business owners.

It’s why they’re ready to pay a geek thousands of dollars for tech work but only after their business is up and running. The real sting is knowing that while you DIY’d something to save a few bucks… the ‘stupid’ business owner just sold thousands of dollars in goods.

Even if it’s “failing forward”… they’re still going forward.

What they’re NOT doing is getting tripped up on the technical details.

So then what’s going on with you? I’ve got something for you to think about…

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How to Arrest your Technolust

Here’s what needs to be done, on a core level: you need to get your thumb out of your ass and stop chasing technology.

You need to put on blockers.

You need to spend less time learning new things and more time taking action on your business plan.

No more trying to learn a new link-building technique that will bump your site from rank #23 to #22. No more reading yet another blog post about how to effectively use Twitter for business (especially if you don’t have one yet). No more downloading ebooks about marketing when you have nothing for the market.

You need to become ignorant of the technology you’ve become so accustomed to.

You need to be taking more action in getting the major hurdles out of the way with things like completing a product, setting up a business, finalizing the design of your physical product, or filling out boring documents that make your business official.

You’re Only Hurting Yourself

Take it from me, I know what it feels like to have project ADHD. I couldn’t tell you how many domains, project folders, mind maps, spreadsheets, and drafts I’ve created and deleted just within the last year alone.

Every day that you spend contemplating the creation of your business is another day you’re missing out on a day that could be going toward getting traction and leveraging the shit out of your skills.

Rather than waiting till tomorrow, get started today.

Rather than waiting until tomorrow, establish yourself in the market by reaching out to local business owners. Rather than waiting until tomorrow, make one more sales call.

I’m not telling you to start a business in a day. I’m telling you to do just one considerable action that gets the ball rolling.

Every day you waste is another one which competitors get the edge. In time, your idea sounds “stupid” because it’s no longer “hip” to you whereas the “idiot business owner” takes it and runs with it all the way to the bank.

Put up guards that will prevent you from constantly needing new information.

Put on blinders so you’re not just “playing business”.

You’re Not Alone

Many have come before you…

…and many will come after.

You’re not alone in this business-building journey. In fact, you shouldn’t treat it like a solo adventure. You need to reach out and find support — to grow your network. You need to have someone there to keep you accountable.

Let’s connect.

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