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What A Stupid Reason…

Watch this video to discover the stupid reason most people are losing sales over the phone…

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When I tell you this, you’re probably going to think I am the biggest asshole in the world.

I’d totally understand if you wanted to close this window, never work with me again, and immediately leave a shitty review online before you even get to paragraph two.

Still, in the interest of transparency and fairness, I have to tell you something…

You probably suck at selling.

I hate to say it, and it’s not even your fault.

The hardcore truth at the heart of the matter is that MOST people suck at selling.

In fact, I will take that a step further and say that MOST salespeople suck at selling.

There are a million books, courses, and live events out their right now that are attracting entrepreneurs, business owners, and sales people alike with the promise of making them “closers” and “killers”.

So why then do so many people struggle to close deals?

Why is the average sales cycle almost always longer than it needs to be?

Why do so many people think they’ve got this guy or gal closed, only to lose him or her at the very last moment?

In my time training and running successful sales teams and sales people, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are only a few key moments in any sales call.

No matter what you’re selling, who you’re selling to, or what the details of the deal are, if you nail these key moments your chance of coming out successful increase exponentially.

In this post we are going to talk about what I believe to be the most important factor in a face to face or phone selling situation:


Now, warning we are about to get into pseudo-woo woo territory here, and I’ll be dangerously close to sounding like a self-help book, so I’m asking you to bear with me for a moment, align those chakras, open your third eye, etc….

The reason so many people struggle throughout their whole selling careers, as entrepreneurs or even as sales professionals, is because they don’t know how to control their energy and create a positive environment that is conducive to closing a deal.

Pseudo-woo woo territory time!

Have you ever noticed how some people seem to just attract people to them effortlessly? They possess some sort of natural charisma.

I call these people “social alchemists”, as they seem to be able to create connections and rapport with strangers almost effortlessly.

As sales professionals, our job is to become social alchemists.

…Or at the very least, be able to slip into the role and play one comfortably.

Let me start this by saying I am far from a natural extrovert.

Until I was 10 years old I wouldn’t even order my own food, because I was terrified of speaking to the waiters or waitresses (I still remember the first time I ever ordered anything by myself — 4 chicken mcnuggets from the McDonald’s dollar menu).

In high school, I was too anxious to ever dare talking to any of the girls that I liked, and the though of going to a party drove me into a nervous panicked state.

In college, I was such a neurotic, nervous mess that I had to start drinking the second I woke up to even consider being in highly social enviroments.

So what changed from me — the shy, horrible self-conscious, social anxiety ridden wreck to me today — training world class entrepreneurs and sales professionals face to face, online, and from the stage?

How I framed myself.

That’s right… the only difference between then and now is the mental state that I have decided to frame myself in.

Most of us feel like who we are today is who we have to be, and it certainly is not the case.

You can CHOOSE who you want to be, and begin developing the necessary traits and attributes to be successful.

Imagine the old me…

You’re on my calendar for a strategy session, and I call you up. There are butterflies in the pit of my stomach while the phone rings.

I’m actually hoping you don’t pick up, so that I can tell my inner loser that I atleast tried.

The call connects. You’re on the line.

Now, I am thinking of every way this call could go wrong. I’m imagining you hating me, thinking I am stupid, or that I wasted your time…

Would you ever expect that person to be successful in sales or in business?

No. A huge shift would need to occur in order to even stands a chance.

If that timid, self-conscious, anxiety stricken guy gets on the phone, his ENERGY will be what blows the deal for him.

He or she could have the greatest product in the world…

It could have the greatest offer that everyone would clamor for…

…And he still would blow the sale in the first 10 seconds.

That is why your energy matters so much in a selling situation.

It’s bad enough to walk into the office of a successful CEO and let your energy scare them away face to face, however, in a phone selling environment the importance of energy is magnified 10 fold.

When you’re face to face with someone they have a lot of date on you that they can use to decide if they like you.

Ultimately, people buy from you when they know, like, and trust you.

When you’re nose to nose with a buyer, they can look at your clothes and see you’re successful, they can look at your face and read that you’re not being dishonest, they can read your body language and see that you’re confident. They can listen to your words to hear if you’re unsure of yourself or your offer.

They’re constantly collecting this data on you, and running it through their own internal KLT (Know, Like, and Trust) computer program that spits out answers to those three crucial buying triggers…

Do I like you?

Do I know you?

Do I trust you?

Now, put yourself in a phone selling environment. The very nature of selling over the phone has eliminated their ability to collect a ton of data thtat they need in order to run their KLT program.

That means that the only input they have datawise is how you SOUND…

Do you sound confident?

Do you sound trustworthy?

Do you sound like you know what you’re doing?

Do you sound like you’ve done this before?

These sorts of questions flood their brains with natural skepticism, and they make your job as a sales person 10 times harder.

So, when you pick up the phone, punch in the numbers, listen to the ringing, and finally connect a call — you need to bring the energy that lets them know exactly why you deserve their time.

Anything short of that… if you half ass it here, if you phone it in, if you’re not committed to bringing that good energy over the phone…

You’ll blow your deal. There is not a salesperson on the planet that doesn’t blow deals every day because of small things like this.


Always remember that little hinges swing big, big doors.

If you can find these little tweaks in your sales approach, you’ll find that you’re able to open up doors for yourself that you never thought were truly possible.

Want to discover how to overcome your sales anxiety, accelerate your results, and scale your economic engine?

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